Christian Community as an Emotional Home for Pain

Audio lecture series by Dr. Mark W. Baker

This is a three-part lecture series on the Christian community as an emotional home for pain.

The Myth of Individuality

With the changes in Quantum Physics our Post-Modern world has changed the way we think about everything. And it is a good thing because we now understand that we are all basically relational beings just like Jesus taught us two thousand years ago. This first lecture in the series will help you understand how better relationships rather than more individuality is the path to psychological health.
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Restorative Justice

The Bible teaches that a balanced spiritual life consists of both love and justice. But the kind of justice that Jesus spoke about was one that made things right rather than simply punished offenders. This second lecture in the series focuses upon how justice can restore broken lives and heal wounded hearts when practiced from the right perspective.
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Religion that Hurts and Religion that Heals

In this third and final lecture in the series Dr. Baker explains what both Freud and Jesus hated about religion: Dogmatic Religious Thinking. Many psychological studies have found religion in America to be a powerful source of healing and positive benefits for an emotionally healthy life, but maintaining the same spiritual mindset that Jesus had himself is necessary to live this way.
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