Can People Really Change?

Audio lecture series by Dr. Mark W. Baker

This is a three-part lecture series based upon the true life stories of personal transformation taking place at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, Louisiana.

Mending Broken Hearts between Fathers and Sons

Freud was right that many sons fight with their fathers, but he was wrong as to the reasons why. In this lecture Dr. Baker examines the conflict between sons and their fathers and what they need to mend the broken hearts between them.
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Can Men Change?

Based upon his recent visits to the largest maximum security prison in America, Dr. Baker will address the topic of how people change. Even though most of the men at the Angola prison are serving life sentences and will never leave, Dr. Baker explains how the warden has created an environment of hope and change that is truly remarkable. Unlike most prisons in the world, this one is truly rehabilitating men and listeners will learn why.
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Are People Basically Good or Bad?

In this lecture Dr. Baker takes on the topic of evil from a psychological perspective. What makes good people do evil things, and given the right circumstances, can people who have done evil things be transformed into good people who have truly changed their ways. Based upon decades of psychological research Dr. Baker takes a look at this important topic and uses illustrations from personal conversations he has had with inmates at the prison in Angola.
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The Transforming Power of Hope

In this final lecture in the series, Dr. Baker explains the central role that hope plays in the process of personal transformation. Clarifying the difference between defensive hope that actually thwarts human growth and true hope which is essential for digging our way out of difficult circumstances, Dr. Baker will provide listeners with the keys for motivating yourself towards greater goals even in your most difficult times.
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