Dealing With Fear

Audio lecture series by Dr. Mark W. Baker

Holiday Loneliness

One of the major sources of emotional distress over the holidays is not having a family to spend it with. Dr. Baker explains the impact of loneliness on us, and what you can do to help relieve it.

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Fear and Vulnerability

Do you know the difference between openness and vulnerability? This lecture will not only explain it to you but show you how to live a more powerful life once you understand it. We all admire others when they are vulnerable, but fear it when it comes time for us to be vulnerable ourselves. Dr. Baker will explain why this is true and how you can live a more courageous life of connection with others. If fearing vulnerability is a problem in your life, this lecture will help you understand the cure.
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How Does God Heal Fear?

In this lecture on one of the most basic human emotions, Dr. Baker explains why fear is the universal response to danger and how we can respond to it in healthy ways. Drawing from both psychology and Scripture, we can learn the true definition of courage and how to have the confidence to face our fears. Dr. Baker explains why people become what they fear at times, and how to not get stuck in the Fight, Flight or Freeze syndrome. God does not remove the dangers from our lives that create our fears, but He does offer us healing for them.
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