The Marriage and Relationships Lectures

Audio lecture series by Dr. Mark W. Baker

Singles and Power Struggles

Why would anyone seek to have power over those with which they were trying to have intimate relationships? Do you know the root of all power struggles in relationships? What does it really mean to be a powerful person? As men and women in our society today we are faced with the requirement to be more skillful at intimate relationships than ever before. If we don’t learn the skill of balancing power in relationships, we won’t be able to hang onto them. This lecture addresses these crucial problems in an attempt to define the appropriate use of power in interpersonal relationships.
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Are We Relating Yet?

Human beings are fundamentally relational. This means you will only be happy when you have mastered the skills involved in maintaining satisfying relationships. Dr. Baker explains the fundamental aspects of healthy relationships and describes what you need to know to have meaningful and lasting connections with those you love. Good relationships may start spontaneously, but maintaining them requires skills that can be learned. This lecture will help you know exactly what those skills are and what you need to do to develop them.
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Fruitless Fighting

Some relationships get stuck in the same arguments over and over again. Each person is struggling to be heard, but both people just get more hurt and angry in the process. Dr. Baker will help you understand the roots of fighting that seems to go nowhere in your intimate relationships. Some fighting can be helpful, but some fighting is fruitless. Listen to this lecture and learn the difference.
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How to Love Someone Who Makes You Mad

This is one of Dr. Baker’s most popular lectures. Learn why conflict is essential in your intimate relationships and how to become a better person because of it. This lecture includes practical suggestions for resolving conflict and dealing with anger in loving ways.
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Why Is It Hard for Men To Related To Women (and Vice versa)

Why won’t we open up to each other? There are some obvious differences between men and women, and some that are not so obvious. These differences demand one important thing in order to have a relationship: Communication. Three central obstacles to communication between men and women are outlined here, and three helpful tools for effective communication are given to overcome them.
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Who’s To Blame?

This lecture is based on Dr. Baker’s book with Carmen Renee Berry entitled, “Who’s to Blame: Escape the Victim Trap and Gain Personal Power in Your Relationships”. Learn the difference between accountability and blame in your relationships, and avoid falling into the trap of giving away your personal power. Dr. Baker explains why we mismanage our emotions and end up feeling like a victim when we blame others. He also helps us to understand how we might be avoiding our responsibility in our relationships by allowing others to blame us as well. Many Christians have the idea that either God is doing it for us or Satan is doing it to us, but we are somehow never responsible. This lecture will help you learn your responsibility in loving others and avoid the victim trap of blame.
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Transforming Conflict in Marriage Into Happiness

Even good marriages fight, but the difference between good marriages and troubled ones is that they have the skills to be able to fight productively.
This lecture will help you be able to say after your next conflict with the one you love, “I’m glad we talked about this” instead of, “I wish I’d never brought this up.”
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