The Spiritual and Emotional Health Lectures

Audio lecture series by Dr. Mark W. Baker

A Theology of Suffering

How can a loving God who is all powerful allow us to suffer? Dr. Baker addresses this age old question during a workshop at a Joni Eareckson Tada international conference on disabilities. This lecture offers insight into how to make meaning of your suffering, and provides tools to help you deal with it so that you become a better person, and not a bitter one, as a result of your pain.
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Healing Addictions and Idolatry

Idolatry is the ancient term for the substitution of material “things” for a personal relationship. Jesus taught that this substitution leads to isolation and death. Addictions are the modern term for the very same thing. This lecture will help you understand how the ancient problem of idolatry is manifested in the modern problem of addiction, and what you can do to free yourself from it.
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Please God Don’t Leave Me Alone

There is a great difference between being lonely and being alone. The first is a feeling that is painful and causes us to do things that we sometimes later regret. The second can be a very positive experience that leads us to growth and spiritual depth in our lives. This lecture explores the difference between the two, and how you can deal with the aloneness in your life.
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How To Be an Emotionally Healthy Christian

In this lecture, Dr. Baker explains the four signs of emotional health. Learn how Emotional Flexibility, Awareness, Tolerance and Responsiveness are essential for your emotional and spiritual growth.
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Why Sin and Psychopathology Are the Same

Sin destroys relationships with God and others. At its core, sin is self preservation at all costs—focusing on yourself is all that matters. Psychopathology destroys relationships, too. At its core psychopathology is self preservation at all costs as well. This lecture explains how sin and psychopathology have something very much in common and what you can do to find freedom from both.
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