The Resolving Conflict and Living in Harmony Lectures

Video lecture series by Dr. Mark W. Baker

What Does It Mean to Live Well?

Inspired by the late Frank Pastore, the nationally recognized radio talk-show host, Dr. Baker invites listeners to examine their definitions of a meaningful life. When Freud started his science of psychotherapy his assumption was that a good life is one that is problem free. Today psychologists recognize that a good life is one that has good relationships in the midst of problems that are sometimes inescapable. Listen in on the importance of strong connections with God and others in finding a meaningful life for yourself.
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Why People Fight About Money

Most people spend the majority of their lives earning money and pursuing financial security. While money is important, psychological research has shown that beyond the poverty level it is completely uncorrelated with happiness. So why is money the major reason people fight in marriage? Because it has both tangible AND symbolic meaning to all of us. This lecture explores the many possible meanings money can have for you, and the multitude of ways you can end up in fights over it with the most important people in your life.
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Three Keys to Better Relationships

What are the essential elements in a secure and close relationship with someone? Dr. Baker will tell you in this one hour recording. In this lecture you will learn how empathy is different from sympathy, closeness is different from being around someone all the time, and how love is more than a feeling. If can master the three keys to better relationships you will most likely live longer, have fewer physical and emotional problems and eventually die a more satisfied person with your life.
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