Overcoming Shame

It Takes Confidence To Be Humble

The Power of Vulnerability and Why We Fear It

How To Be a Loving Person When Mad

How To Be a Loving Person When Hurt

Cause & Cure of Shame

Cure Guilt & Shame

Guilt Good Shame Bad

Difference Guilt & Shame

Religion Hurts Heal

Restorative Justice

Myth of Individuality

Como amar alguém que o enfurece

Forgive Yourself

God heals guilt & shame

PPJ Lecture 1

Hope transforms

Fruitless Fights

How God heals guilt & shame

PP Jesus Lecture 1


Fruitless Fighting

God heals hurt

PPJ Lecture 2

About blame


How God heals hurt

PP Jesus Lecture 2

Good people do bad things


God heals sorrow

PPJ Machiavelli

Why good people do bad things

Addictions & Idolatry

Healing Anger

How God heals sorrow


Good people have affairs

Addictions and Idolatry

Heal anger

Jesus on narcissism

About pride

How men & women relate

Affairs & Therapy

Heal anxiety & stress

Jesus and success

Psychological brilliance

Men & Women Relate

People: Good or Bad?

Heal Anxiety Stress

Psychology of success

Jesus and his brilliance

Sin & Psychopathology

Are we relating yet

Be emotionally healthy

The meaning of life 1

Psychology of happiness

Psychopathology of sin

Are we relating yet?

How to be emotionally healthy

Meaning of life 1

The psych of happiness

Can men change?

How to love someone

The meaning of life 2

Singles & Power Struggles


Love someone

God don’t leave me alone

Singles struggle for power


God heals fear

Jesus & Machiavelli

Theology of suffering

Fathers & Sons

How God heals fear

Jesus & Leadership

Transform conflict

Fear & Vulnerability

Does God heal fear?

Jesus & Leaders

Tansform conflict & happiness