What’s the Point of Feelings Anyway?

Dealing with Family Issues After the Holidays

Holiday Loneliness

Overcoming Shame

It Takes Confidence To Be Humble

The Power of Vulnerability and Why We Fear It

How To Be a Loving Person When Mad

How To Be a Loving Person When Hurt

Cause & Cure of Shame

Cure Guilt & Shame

Guilt Good Shame Bad

Difference Guilt & Shame

Religion Hurts Heal

Restorative Justice

Myth of Individuality

Are we relating yet

Be emotionally healthy

The meaning of life 1

Psychology of happiness

Psychopathology of sin

Are we relating yet?

How to be emotionally healthy

Meaning of life 1

The psych of happiness

Can men change?

How to love someone

The meaning of life 2

Singles & Power Struggles


Love someone

God don’t leave me alone

Singles struggle for power


God heals fear

Jesus & Machiavelli

Theology of suffering

Fathers & Sons

How God heals fear

Jesus & Leadership

Transform conflict

Fear & Vulnerability

Does God heal fear?

Jesus & Leaders

Tansform conflict & happiness

Forgive Yourself

God heals guilt & shame

PPJ Lecture 1

Hope transforms

Fruitless Fights

How God heals guilt & shame

PP Jesus Lecture 1


Fruitless Fighting

God heals hurt

PPJ Lecture 2

About blame


How God heals hurt

PP Jesus Lecture 2

Good people do bad things


God heals sorrow

PPJ Machiavelli

Why good people do bad things

Addictions & Idolatry

Healing Anger

How God heals sorrow


Good people have affairs

Addictions and Idolatry

Heal anger

Jesus on narcissism

About pride

How men & women relate

Affairs & Therapy

Heal anxiety & stress

Jesus and success

Psychological brilliance

Men & Women Relate

People: Good or Bad?

Heal Anxiety Stress

Psychology of success

Jesus and his brilliance

Sin & Psychopathology